• Full dental, oral surgery, implantology, patient information and care in the III. district.
  • Intercative decisions
  • Long-term, aesthetic and painless solutions
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Opening times: M-F: 10.00-18.00, Sat(Óbuda): 10.00-18.00
Regardles of your dental problems, you will find excellent care in one place!

Consultation, control for free!

  • 1. Prevention: scaling, complete oral hygiene-package
  • 2. Tooth retaining treatments (preservative dentistry): aesthetic fillings, root canal treatments, closure of ridges, inlays (golden, ceramic)
  • 3. Tooth replacements: fixed replacements (crowns, bridges) with wide choice of materials, partial removable replacements with aesthetic, hidden fine mechanic fixtures, replacements based on implants
  • 4. Periodontal treatments: treatments of packets (surgical also), and gums, long term follow-up control (recall)
  • 5. Oral surgery: from the simple tooth removal to the more complex surgical treatments, soft tissue surgery, bone corrections, tooth implants for fixed and removable replacements.

Experience and try out the caring hands of OXYDENTAL® in one of Budapest's best-priced dental clinic!



Dental Treatments

Examinations, diagnostics
Dental prevention
Periodontal treatments
Preservative dentistry (teeth retaining treatments)
Tooth replacements
Oral surgery
OXYDENTAL® oral surgery - dentistry - implantology

Welcome to the pages of OXYDENTAL® dental and oral surgery clinic. Please take a look around by browsing among the various menus and get more information about our services from dentistry through oral surgery to implantation. Should you have any further questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us either personally in Budapest III. district in Óbuda, or in e-mail or by phone.

The dental – oral surgery clinic

Our dental - oral surgery clinic can be found in Budapest, in III. district in Óbuda at Flórián tér, offering one of Budapest's best-priced services.

The two-chair-dental surgery meets the latest requirements of Dental and Oral Care.


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Our philosophy - everything in one place from dentistry through oral surgery to implantation!

Our aim is that all of our patients are active participants in their treatment process. That is why the first consultations, checkups have major importance...


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Dental Treatments
Examinations, diagnosticsDental preventionPeriodontal treatmentsPreservative dentistry (teeth retaining treatments)Tooth replacementsOral surgery